Spirituality for Recovery Coaches March 2017


March 29 & 30, Beacon Health, Rocky Hill, CT

Spirituality is often indicated as a reason for the success f those in long term recovery.  This course will help recovery coaches understand what spirituality is and how to help someone in their own process of discovering spirituality.

Classes are held from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day.  The $250 registration fee includes materials and lunch each day.


CCAR is thrilled to announce a new training program as a supplement to our nationally recognized Recovery Coaches Academy, entitled. Spirituality for Recovery Coaches. While training the RCA, CCAR has been gathering feedback and making plans to offer additional training opportunities for Recovery Coaches. Deciding on which topics to cover for follow-up trainings has been difficult. As the role of the recovery coach begins to take shape across the country, it became evident to us that recovery coaches need to would like to know more about themselves before fully supporting and mentoring someone else.

The purpose of this session is to help you as a recovery coach understand what spirituality is and how you would help someone in their own process of discovering spirituality. This two day course will help you explore your own beliefs and values as it comes to spirituality. This training will provide you with the tools and resources needed as a recovery coach so you can speak about spirituality in a way that is accepting of others.

Just like the RCA, this training is going to challenge you in a way that helps to promote your own understanding of spirituality. We believe that spirituality plays a large part in recovery and hope that by completing this course, you will be able to help those you serve understand, accept and embrace spirituality for themselves.


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