“First and foremost, the thought of truly treating ALL people as a resource is going to change my life. I am an optimistic person and this helps me keep an open mind and heart to all those I will meet and come in contact with in my life. If all people treated each other as resources, our world would be a whole lot more peaceful and loving. I want to help people in any way I can, and this training will definitely push up my game with reaching out to the recovery community.” Participant, CCAR RCA, August 2016

“The training reinforced ideas I have about my own recovery and stressed how important it is to pay attention to my own biases. You are in recovery if you say you are!”  Participant, CCAR RCA, August 2016

“It will make better able to evaluate decisions to assure I am being ethical. The real life examples that where used, helped to open my eyes to potential issues that could arise. Having tools to decide what is and is not ethical will be helpful in making good decisions.  This training also cemented my belief that we must continue training because different people have different views and those views can change over time. It is great when you bring a group of people together to have an open and honest dialog in a safe nonthreatening manner. It helps to gain a wealth of knowledge from a variety of sources.”  Participant, Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches, July 2016

What does it mean to be a RECOVERY COACH?