Evaluations & Certificates

Every CART Training Program provides participants with a certificate of attendance.  In order to be provided with a certificate, participants must have completed an online evaluation. Instructions for both the evaluation process and how to obtain your certificate are provided within the program you attended.


To take an evaluation for one of our training programs, please click the appropriate link below.

CCAR Recovery Coach Academy        CCAR Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches       CCAR Spirituality for Recovery Coaches

Please note:  You will need to know your class number in order to complete the online evaluation – if you do not know your class number, please contact your trainer.  You may email cart@ccar.us and request to have your number looked up.  You will need to know the date, location and name of your trainer(s).

If you are looking for another course please email cart@ccar.us or call 860.218.9553 for assistance.


Currently, participants who have successfully completed either the CCAR RCA, Ethics, or Spirituality training with CCAR are able to print their certificates online.  After completing the online evaluation, you need to give the system two (2) hours to generate the certificate.  Once that time has lapsed, you may download your certificate by visiting www.recoverycoachacademy.us.

All other certificates will be emailed.  Please check your junk/spam folder as certificates will come as an email attachment.  If you have still not received your certificate and it has been longer than 7 days since you completed the online evaluation, please email cart@ccar.us.