RCP Designees

Below is a listing of individuals who have met the requirements for and have been awarded the CART Recovery Coach Professional (RCP) Designation.  

We are extremely proud to recognize them for their dedication to the Art & Science of Recovery Coaching.  

Transformed people...transform people.

Virginia Adams, CT, November 2016

Roman Barksdale, CT, January 2018

James Battey, CT, November 2017

Lila Boyer, NY, November 2016

Danielle Bousquet, CT, October 2017

Brenda Brown, NY, November 2016

Fell Cadwallader, NY, November 2016

Jennifer Chadukiewicz, CT, October 2017

Stacy Charpentier, CT,  November 2016

Samuel Cohen, CT, August 2016

Vincent Collins, WA, November 2016

Betty Currier, NC, November 2016

Richard Davilla, FL, November 2016

Angela Delessio, MA, November 2016

Charles DellaPenna, NY, August 2017

Jacqueline Doodley, NY, November 2016

Michael Doyle, CT, March 2018

Lori Drescher, NY, February 2018

Annette Evans, NY, November 2016

William Jose (Bill) Gonzalez, NY, November 2016

Nathan Graves, CT, October 2017

Henry Greenberg, MA, May 2017

Jasmin Gulliksen, CT, October 2017

Nicole Hampton, CT, October 2017

Michelle Harter, RI, November 2016

Michael Heaven, CT, December 2017

Jim Higgins, CT, November 2016

Lisa Hope, NY, August 2017

Jessica Jalbert, RI, October 2017

Blair Jennings, NY, November 2016

Dennis Kawas, NY, November 2016

Laurie Lieberman, NY, November 2016

Cortney Lovell, NY, November 2016

Joseph Lowe, MI, November 2016

Catherine McAlpine, MD, November 2016

Charlotte McCallum, NJ, November 2016

Donald McDonald, NC, November 2016

Kevin McLaughlin, MI, November 2016

Kevin Meara, NJ, November 2016

Brenda Monforti, NC, November 2016

Tyrell Moyd, MD, November 2016

Jay Osborne, CT, August 2017

John Palmer, CT, August 2107

Margaret Price, NY, November 2016

Pamela Prieto, FL, November 2017

Donna Pagan, NY, November 2016

Sandra Patnode, FL, May 2018

Patricia (Patty) Reyna, NY, November 2016

Ruth Riddick, NY, November 2016

Tawana Rosier-Brown, NY, November 2016

Erin Royer, CT, October 2017

Rod Rushing, CO, January 2017

David Santiago, CT, December 2017

Loren Seaman, FL, March 2018

Michael Serrano, CT, December 2017

John Schwartz, CT, August 2017

Michelle Schreffler-Perez, NJ, November 2016

Katie Siekiera, CT, January 2018

Clyde Sims, MI, November 2016

Patricia Smith, FL, November 2017

John Stewart, CT, October 2017

Steven Szopinski, FL, October 2017

Will Testani, CT, October 2017

Steve Tobey, CT, October 2017

Phillip Valentine, CT, November 2016

Connor Villand, CT, October 2017

Arthur Woodard, CT, November 2016

You may download a copy of the CART RCP Application.  For questions, or information about the designation, please contact us at cart@ccar.us or call 860.218.9553.